Cancer man and cancer woman dating

That is her very definition of love. This is more like a business meeting than a romance. Each one is trying to ascertain the possibility of future security. Unless you start talking about splitting the pot. Then the greedy little Cancer monster — gimme, gimme, gimme, mine, mine, mine appears with a passionate vengeance.

The connection between these two is a little tight to call friendship. They will have transferred something between the two of them which has become non-negotiable. You might say that friendship ends where need begins. There is a strong enough bond to create a classic co-dependent relationship. The transferences of needs is so great that they are likely to feel they cannot live without one another.

The relationship will follow a secret agenda wherein each Cancer tries to secure a hold on the other before giving ground. There is an unbelievably entangled negotiation going on behind the seemly harmless dating scene.


It runs something like this — If I tell you I love you will you marry me … if you marry me will you give me security … if you give me security will you promise never to take it away …. And then there is the endless testing for unconditionality between these two insecure, sometimes neurotic, individuals. Therefore the way they date may be a mystery to all outsiders but it follows the revealed game plan.

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Sex can be more of a commodity than with many others. It goes like this: If I have sex with you will you 1 take care of me, 2 provide for me, 3 love me forever, 4 love me unconditionally, 5 take care of all my needs, 6 be nice to my mother — etc. The physical act of sex is far less important than the emotional things going on.

Aries man dating a cancer woman

This is completely understood at some level by both parties, and with them — it is okay. As a matter of fact, many Cancers are so oral they would rather eat or smoke than have sex — as far as satisfying basic needs. Sometimes this relationships becomes sexless as it evolves into a mommy-daddy pattern of caring and gaining weight. Each one will turn to his or her own mother for comfort and understanding and the mothers will probably demand a pound of flesh on their behalf.

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Cancer man and Cancer woman

I am a Cancer girl and I have known this Cancer boy for about 4 years with a year gap of actually forgetting about him. At first, when we met each other I knew I would fall very hard for this guy, and I felt in his eyes that he felt the same way for me. I just overdid it. And I am sorry for that.

I can talk for years about us. I offered to him several weeks later to go together. We went, and my feelings awoke again. He cares… I know, But I have to have lots of patience.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

I saw him in one rare mood — calm, a little down, maybe even secretly sensitive that last time I talked about , talking quietly… gosh, I wanted to hug him and stay like that for hours. He really evokes such feelings in me. I want to know I gave it a second chance after the first time I made some mistakes. Just an empty husk. She changed my world. She showed me the thing I felt was missing from my entire life — something worth everything to protect.

She showed me who she was, behind all the smokescreens and shells. She showed me how to build hope and courage instead of clinging to it as it fails. I look into her eyes and see something so familiar, but so different. I love her moods. Beyond your body, your mind, your soft giggle and your hard outer shell.

My husband is somewhat like described here. But is there any way to make him feel that i am too like him and would never leave him…if just be a little kind to me. If you happen to be hunting for function from residence items, e-mail advertising or affiliate marketing items to market, I am positive you are sick and tired of seeing the more than hyped product launches that seem week following week with fancy screenshots and cheques for thousands of dollars displayed as proof of sales followed by their marketing line, telling you that you can do the same.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility - Zodiac Compatibility

I hv dated 2 cancer men in d past. It never worked out. One was a womaniser and the other a workaholic. They were loving bt terrible nd hrtless wen they want 2 be. Cancer nd cancer relatnshp is unreal. In my opinion this was a complete waste of time, cancers are one of the zodiacs most romantic sings. It is true that as a cancer woman I seek security, to feel protected, but NOT financially for god sakes! If I ever marry it will be for love, not for how much cash he has in his wallet!

I will say this. But, I love me and wish the best for the rest.

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  5. I feel so much love for beutifull woman but they all seem to only want money. Am a Cancerian female. Dated a Cancer man for a year my first bf but went our separate ways a month ago. One stage we became intimate and i really enjoyed the moments of him touching him and vice versa.

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    The moment we touched, i wanted to stay in the moment…so right.. He has tons of sympathy for your situation, only to be exceeded by the love he has for your -ex. It cannot be eliminated. Yes, they lie, betray and cheat. Also, we rarely fight or argue and at the end of the day, simply end up cuddling with each other. Everytime she likes to talk about her -ex she still misses him , I just ask her not to bore me more than I can tolerate on that subject.

    ARIES Woman & CANCER Man (A Fairytale Love)

    She can endlessly go on and on and on, but drops mention of her -ex after spotting my insecurity and sensitivity. Also, two cancers together can be thick as thieves and have this childish mischievous streak governing our passions. Whoever said sex between two cancers is vapid and dull must get a reality check. I am a female cancer and dating a cancer man.

    We are new in the relationship 4 months. However, in that time we have done great things together. We are both very business minded — I am a business onwner, he is an attorney. We both attend church regularily and are both single parents. Our lives cross and connected in many ways both good and confusing. He mentions all the time that we are just alike and just laughs about it. The connection we have makes most people think we are married — we finish each other sentence and add on where the other left off.

    He says I pouts. Him on the other hand wines. To us that is an indication that a need is not being met. We try to keep each other happy. I am a cancer woman, my boyfriend is a cancer male. Our love is deep and passionate.