Senior dating a freshman in college

You are a very young Women never make the first move. The fact that you told him that you liked him, before he told you is a bigger problem. He is apt to think you are easy.

College freshman dating a college senior?

You may not be someone he would introduce to his mother. There is no age gap. Men are not really mature until they are about My sons never introduced any of their serious girl friends until they proposed and it was always casual. Like coming to the house for towels on the way to the beach. Most married people are two to six years age difference, some much more. You need to back off.

You are 18 acting like He is being kind to you as he can see just how young you behave. He is a real catch but you will not let him think of you seriously if you keep trying to grasp and cling.

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You are acting like Poison ivy. Have a Nice long talk with your father. See if there are secluded little Tavern's or Bistro's along the route where you could have a snack lunch along the way.

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Just visit your Public Library and learn a little about the Town so you can speak with some confidence and authority about the sites. Have some jokes to throw in about the places you visit.

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You'll be amazed at how you can make this work for you. Girls who sit in their Dorm rooms too long studying constantly do get weary. They may be inclined to reward you later for rescuing them from their Tower in Academia. Watch your Calendar for those 3 and 4 day week ends to line up for that. TheColonial Send a private message. Most often you'll be rejected, but sometimes you'll be surprised.

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