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It took me a looonnnggg time to find someone to translate to RL. I had pretty good luck with Match.

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Never had any problems with wierdos, hopefully you'll have the same. Here's the trial link I found, good for 72 hours I think: I married my SL love in RL and now we have a 5 month old daughter! So in my case it went great. I think its the same as meeting someone anywhere BTW, I relocated to another country even to be with him. We've been together 4 years now and more happy than ever!

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Partnering in SL is different for every partnership. Sometimes they're just business, sometimes it's love. SL or RL love wholely depends on the two involved. To be partnered is a committment to share with that person, your experiences I had said many times I had no intention of ever partnering with anyone in SL simly because I have a great RL relationship and don't need an SL partner.

Sure I dated, even got kinda serious with one guy, but partnering was never really put on the table. Although recently, I've eatten my words. Someone I've known as a close and dear friend for over a year has snagged me up and we have partnered recently. To our SL friends, we are as good as Married, even though no wedding ever took place. Partnering does not afford you any more rights to sharing your inventory or being able to track them than a non-partnered avi.

My partner and I voluntarily gave each other rights to edit, move, change each others belongings. We cannot get into each other's account or steal from the other's inventory, that's not what partnering allows. We simply realized that we make a great team, work well together, have more fun together and enjoy each other's company a great deal Strange for both of us since our established histories reflect a bit different picture to our friends.

Even so our partnering came as no surprise to anyone who knew us. My partner actually "left" SL for a time. Would occassionally return to check on friends and to make sure I was doing well.

He and I even became good RL friends and we'd chat on the phone now and then. Not daily or even weekly, but we did find ourselves relying on that friendship to be there when we needed it and it always has been. Also I don't see why SL would be a good first source for online dating. Its pretty different to search for love here than on a typical online datingside. While Ill agree with you on this most times, this is not always the case.

Some people live in areas that if you date someone they are most likely going to be your relative. Its a good way to connect with people who might not have met. SL is not a dating game so if your reasearch is for that.. Especially since so many people are jaded on sl love and not on dating sites. Dating in SL can be a horror or it can work. It depends on the maturity of the people involved, how compatible their RL goals are, how seriously they take the relationship, and how much time they spend getting to know each other well first in SL then in RL.

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If its one person roleplaying and the other not or it's "mad love" that goes too far too fast, it can be a disaster. Some relationships fail at the point of RL meeting, but others go on to be very happy.

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I personally know a surprising number of couples as friends that met in SL and are now married in RL, some even have kids. I count 11 that I can think of off the top of my head. Dating on an online site can be the same way. I've never done it but know people who have. My own RL sister is now married and happy with someone she met on an online dating site. On the other hand, based on my observations of friends doing it, you mostly have to throw a lot of fish back into the sea before you find a keeper, if you ever do. Two totally different things from my point of view.

I guess many of the couples you know weren't joining SL with the goal of finially finding that special someone. At the time when they start dating, they probably already became friends and did things together. Dating & Socializing - Find friends, partners, love & more in Second Life & beyond!

The process of e-dating is similar to that of regular online dating websites, except with games and other MMO's you can sometimes virtually interact with them prior to meeting. I've been posting the survey on different websites including other games I play, dating sites, and forums to get more well rounded feedback. So many great stories from SL so far and a few sad ones as well, I really do appreciate the feedback you all give. I agree and disagree. A few of those SL couples actually gave SL a shot thinking they may meet someone. I also know plenty of people that do the online dating sites who are just looking for a casual date, not a lifetime commitment.

My own sister did it on a dare from a friend never expecting to find an acceptable date let alone a husband, and look what happened to her, LOL. However overall I do agree with what you said. In the end though dating on line whether on a dating site or in a virtual world or game is about the same as meeting people the normal way.

Sometimes you are looking and sometimes not when you find the one that is for you. The internet has just expanded the available pool of candidates and opportunities, especially for meeting people that are not local. I strongly agree about the friendship first. In my own case, as well as most long term relationships I've observed, being friends first is the key. Any long term relationship goes through hot and cold periods.

If you are best friends first the chances of you riding through the cold periods intact are much greater. I think that applies no matter how you get together to start. Its also the mistake a lot of people make in SL and why they end up with a broken heart. I personally know quite a few people who met on sl and are now married with children in rl.

I myself met my rl fiance on a dating site and we have a son it can work but you have to be willing to go the distance! I wouldn't necessary say its the same. On a normal dating site you know that everyone you will come across at least wants some sort of relationship or at least a good one night stand.

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You see their profile, filled with personal informations and often a picture. The same amount of information is only gatherable from social networks such as facebook. In games such as World of Warcraft you meet at first just the elf, dwarf or orc you see inworld. You know nothing about the person behind the character.