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Now, in an age of information technology, traditional matchmakers find themselves competing against websites and online dating services.

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In Singapore, a government-sponsored system providing professional counsel and dating technologies is available to the public. As the art of matchmaking evolves, one wonders if the criteria of traditional matchmaking will also be updated. Until recently, families made basic queries. And if she passed certain standards, then other matters could be negotiated. When will gender bias in matchmaking end? Changing gender dynamics aside, matchmaking has become trickier owing to new communications technologies.

But endless trysts on Facebook, online chatting, or even dating cannot ensure that a couple truly knows each other. The truth is, matchmaking has never been an exact science because people have the tendency to evolve. You start going out with a boy, he later transforms into a man, and over time you find yourself dealing with your father-in-law! In the meantime, you yourself begin to resemble your mother a little more with each passing day. Time has already shown that an arranged marriage may carry on successfully, while a marriage of choice may not, and vice versa.

Indeed, marriage and matchmaking have become exceedingly complicated. But in the end, the success of a marriage boils down to destiny and how hard the couple is willing to work on their marriage. Check out what you can, rule out the negatives, and weigh the pros and cons. Eventually, though, you realise that the future is not entirely in your hands. Farah Zahidi Moazzam is a freelance writer. The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Matchmaking in the modern era Farahnaz Zahidi Moazzam April 21, Photo illustration by Eefa Khalid. Comments 83 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Apr 23, I believe the biggest change in match-making is coming from the extensive use of internet. I personally know several couples who got connected through internet and then they decided to tie the knot.

Shoaib Mailk got connected to his first wife though internet.

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One of the society's emerging challenge is to educate our younger generation on this topic. Your population is not educated enough to have match making. There is no balance in that macro society of yours. Equality in apparent issues is not rule of nature e. If you try to to compare appearance and strength between two genders you will be negating nature.

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  8. You have also seen the intent and the outcome of your beloved change. After studying as an international postgrad student in South West England for a few years i couldn't help but notice the way people get married or 'hitched' in the English society.

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    Especially in university where i get most of my exposure i see that both genders tend to meet each other at parties and other social events taking place. A simple gesture such as asking to buy someone a drink or coffee shows that someone is interested in you. In Pakistan i was educated in Beaconhouse school; one of the prestigious institutions but very segregated in the way it wasn't co-education. A friend i met in London who did his graduation from NUST in Rawalpindi told me that he was once fined rupees for just talking to a female on campus.

    If society takes such a primitive view although i believe even the ancient Neanderthal man would court his female counterparts more gracefully than us Pakistanis then how are we to prosper as a nation. On the one hand you've got people who are conservative while a few people are liberal. The government is a mess as is evident by the fact that there are no jobs, electricity, water, food, etc.

    Scares me to say this but I sometimes feel afraid while thinking about the future of our nation. Things need to change and i for one intend to do so upon my return to the motherland. Checking for thelesemia is indeed laudable in our society. I think this practice should be more prevalent.

    It is not comparable to testing for STDs and shouldn't be tabooed. When we were teenagers, generally our elders used to say that our values are changing rapidly but now we are seeing changes with our own eyes. I think if we care our social values the things can not effect our behaviours, customs or values. The Modern matrimonial trend provide us the easy access and opportunity to meet and proposed her or his for marry but it didn't provide the guaranty of a successful happy married life. I think the arrange or semi arrange marriages, which is also a traditional custom of our sub-continent, providing an umbrella of protection and a guidelines for a successful and a happy marriage life to newly wedded couples.. | Online since Second generation matchmaking service -

    Obviously the day when a girl will be judged for her salary earning capability: I really liked it D But not working at all What a pointless article. Have read many such articles before and this one was particularly pointless and extremely boring. So, what is point of the this blog?

    Do they have a standard? Also, the fairer sex calls the shots on the net as there are far more men than women out there.. When a mother tells a girl in early20s that she has so many rishtas, she says NO i am NOt ready. She will not even look at the pics of the boys.

    Jokes apart times have changed but the system still works. I certainly agree with you Farah. I don't think any advancement can ever help develop the mindset of our society for a number of issues, specially for the match-making thing. People are now getting better education, trying to leave behind everybody in fashion, getting the latest gadgets for themselves, but everybody starts with the same "best-possible" image in their minds when they get involved in the "rishta" matter, and amazingly they finally end up with that. May be because you always get what you ask for I came across with a couple of bigheaded jerks who are very confident that they can get a beautiful 18 year-old girl even at the age of See, how we are facing this gender discrimination for so long and don't know if it's ever going to end.

    I hope we try and give it a serious thought, and change our priorities. I hope people soon realize that beauty is not going to last forever The institution of marriage has undergone a qualitative change. Marriage, family basically are patriarchal institutions. Therefore there were linked with patriarchal sustenance, some times progeny sacrament and for some religious contract. Now that women are also in the jobs, the patriarchal command has undergone dilution.

    It is now linked with career and material advantage. Well they do say ignorance is bliss my friend Old generation was happier with match found by their parents. Today, divorce rate is increasing with hi-tech matchmaking. Practices like matchmaking should die a natural death. If you cannot find and decide your mate yourself, I dont think you should be getting married in the first place. One main point that is not mentioned in this article it that no one is looking at finding their spouse through the teaching of Quran and hadith.

    You said "The boy. It does bring out the direction the society is heading to.

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    The match-making service has been around in Pakistan for decades, through the Marriage bureau, or the "khaala" of the neighbourhood. It has only gotten more in tuned with times, like with everything else. With adoption of new technologies, come the dangers. Although you have the facility of communication where the two, whose fate is being decided can interact and know about their likes and dislikes, even if in restricted and well defined boundaries dictated by the society and religion. The minus side is that, such matches often bite the dust.

    Everything is done so far, and you are rushed through many procedures, that the whole system comes crashing down, sooner rather than later.

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    The very idea of quick fix, internet matches, make the marriage bonds, weaker. Its due to the fact that now people think that can just as easily break a marriage, since now all they have to do is, click some random website and find another partner just a few mouse clicks away. Apr 24, The delicacies are covered under either medical plans or dogma plans. What on earth the creator thought of such qualities? Not to mention the education plans of the west that lead to marketing plans.

    Everything else is perception. What if the "Emancipated boys" would like to be judged by standards other than their yearly salary plus rank, status and prestige?