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WordPress Dating Themes

Most developers offer support for bbPress, one of the most popular forum plugins for WordPress, to include this feature in their themes. There are other WordPress plugins for online forums available as well. Quizzes on dating sites are typically fun and simple personality tests users can take to reveal something about themselves. You can even go a few steps further and allow users to showcase their results on their profiles. This is another optional feature, but it can make your site more user friendly.

responsive dating theme

Easy logins include allowing users to create accounts and log in via social media. Creating new accounts can be a hassle, and some users may only be interested in giving your site a quick browse. Thankfully, there are plugins out there that integrate with BuddyPress, allowing users to connect social media accounts with their dating profiles. These plugins may even fill in personal data automatically. This is another optional feature, but it can help you monetize your dating website. This feature allows you to charge for certain services by turning your dating website into a membership site where certain sections are blocked off and only accessible by paying members.

For example, you may want to only allow paying members to have access to the live chat or forum features of your site. Some of these themes are optimized for dating websites while others are simply community-based themes you can customize and turn into dating websites. LoveStory is a dedicated WordPress dating theme.


It has built-in systems that allow you to use user profiles and messages on your site. This theme also comes with support for WooCommerce so you can build a membership site and process membership fees.

Sweet Date is an advanced WordPress dating theme that comes with a number of features mentioned above. Features include the ability to use predefined fields for profiles, allowing users to experience seamless navigation, an advanced matching system, online statuses and instant search via Ajax. Mingle is a community theme that comes with deep integration with BuddyPress. It's not marketed toward dating sites specifically, but it's versatile enough to be used to build this type of website. This theme allows you to build user profiles through its integration with BuddyPress.

Having BuddyPress as a base also allows you to add other features, such as advanced private messaging or social login.

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It's a multipurpose community theme, and although it's not marketed as a dating theme, it can be used to build this type of website. It features integration with BuddyPress, allowing users to build their own profiles, engage with one another, make friends and more. It also comes with Facebook login, live notifications and integration with Paid Memberships Pro. Salutation is another BuddyPress theme that can be turned into a dating site. It was developed by the same developers who made Mingle, so it uses much of the same features.

This includes deep integration with BuddyPress, allowing users to build their own profiles and connect with matches. It's also compatible with bbPress, allowing you to keep users engaged by encouraging them to have group discussions. With Salutation you can build a great community or dating site as well. BuddyApp is a community theme built with a mobile-first approach. This means it was designed to be mobile friendly from the ground up and more mobile friendly than desktop friendly.

How to find the best WordPress dating theme for community / dating sites

This makes this theme an ideal WordPress dating theme for those hoping to attract mobile users. It allows users to create profiles, view live notifications, use advanced search features via Ajax search, and more. Cinematix is the ultimate BuddyPress theme for online community.

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It, as you've probably gathered, features deep integration with the BuddyPress plugin, allowing you to build a social network that mirrors a dating site. It allows users to create user profiles, use a live chat messaging system and connect with other singles through bbPress forums. It's also compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to turn your site into a premium dating service. OneCommunity is community theme developed by the same team that developed Cinematix, so it has a lot of the same features. It also includes the ability to use live chat, a messaging system, Ajax search, a lot of inner BuddyPress pages and more.

These features make it possible to use as a WordPress dating theme. OneCommunity is another great theme to build community sites. Pet Club is a multipurpose community theme, and a great WordPress dating theme to use if you want to build a niche dating site, such as a dating site for pet lovers.

It's compatible with BuddyPress, allowing you to build a fully-fledged social network. It's also compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to monetize your site by turning it into a membership dating site. Love Romance is a different kind of WordPress dating theme. This one is suitable for a paid dating service that requires very little work from the user. This type of service gathers information about a client and finds matches for them. This is in contrast to the social network-like site you'd build with the previous themes where users are in charge of finding their own matches.

With that said, this theme is a great business theme and features all of the features you need to convert. Online Romance is another WordPress dating theme ideal for a dating website that offers matchmaking services. It offers similar features to Love Romance but uses a different style and layout. It uses a smooth parallax-scrolling effect, smooth animations, calls to action, a blogroll and more. Online Romance is especially suitable if you're looking for a dating agency business theme. Socialize is another theme designed to be deeply integrated with the BuddyPress social network plugin.

This allows you to use it as a WordPress dating theme. It also uses Visual Composer, and the developers have implemented all of the BuddyPress widgets into VC, giving you numerous ways to design your site. Other features include integration with bbPress, Ajax filtering, front-end and social login, and more.

Socialize is another cool community template for WordPress. Dating is another WordPress dating theme ideal for a dating service that finds matches for its clients. This theme has a really responsive and engaging interface and also comes with a lot of amazing features. Designed in a really professional way, Mingle is one of the most efficient websites that run smoothly on all devices with a really high speed. Kleo is a really dynamic website theme with a really futuristic design.

With a retina ready and responsive layout, this website is perfect for all social networking and community based websites. With BuddyPress integration this website runs really efficiently and smoothly on all devices. In addition to the contemporary and trendy design this theme also comes with amazing demos that you can choose from and customize your website however you like. Razor is a really modern, stylish and minimal website theme for WordPress.

It has a really simple and responsive interface that is also retina ready. Not only does it have a really engaging layout it also comes with a lot of amazing features including colour and layout options, social media plugins and a versatility that is seldom matched.

5 Best Dating WordPress Themes

Salutation is a really modern and sophisticated website theme. Integrated with BuddyPress, this theme lets you create your very own online community. Using this theme you can let all the users interact through forums, groups, status updates, private messaging and a lot of other things as well. Salutation was designed to ensure maximum user friendliness and ease of navigation. Designed to help create the perfect website where people can socialize, this website theme helps you create the perfect online community.

With BuddyPress integration you can use Socialize to create the most versatile website theme. Designed to be the most user friendly and interactive theme, Socialize lets you meet people online, perfect for an online dating agency.