Mkx matchmaking unfair

The way the game is set up I can't really blame them.

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The use of alternate accounts is so widespread and has been generally accepted for so long that I don't think the game would survive without it. Smurf accounts are annoying but matchmaking is so broken right now. Before matchmaking focus was on player rank and now is on team rank. So they will mix players with different ranks so that the teams rank is the same.

And this started after they told us that halo 5 active players was the best after halo 3. If they have to mix players with different ranks is because there are not enough people playing the game. And if this continues I will be another that leaves ranked arena. Smurf accounts where more common in reach to of which a player would go into arena after they ranked on one profile, then do the same thing. So few people stopped them then that I myself think it will be a challenge to stop them now.

It's very hard to delineate between Smurf accounts and genuine 'it's my brother's account on the same Xbox'. Arena's season system was supposed to be the answer to smurfing and sandbagging, but as we're seeing it really didn't work out that way. Create any system you like and people will find ways to circumvent, manipulate, cheat, and ruin it.

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On the other hand, this system would have put you in plenty of unbalanced matches anyway, so does the reason why really matter all that much? So how do you propose this be fixed? Is it possible to play a match not against smurf accounts anymore? Yet for them a reward with a rank higher and a good old pat on the back.

Smurf accounts ruining matchmaking for everyone

Truth be told it's the same kids with 5 different accounts whom want to push people around and bully players whom aren't as skilled. It it is bully behavior and needs to wake up. Ban these accounts and need to make ranks individual based not team. Probably what I ran into.

Top player had 29 kills and like 10 deaths. Which for a good player is normal for a platinum players. However, he was unranked, and according to his player profile it was his first game ever. Maybe it was, I just find it very unlikely. It's a out right shame, we get a game Microsoft dumb down, to get a teen rating, now we get a big batch of GamerTags release from holding..

I am proud of my Rank of and raising.

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