Trust circle matchmaking

There are a lot of players, especially the ones that don't play much MM or when they do they queue with a group of friends that get completely screwed by this system. I sincerely hope they just do a hard reset on the trust factor system and only consider potential cheaters based on vacnets judgement I'm talking raw data analysis i.

They seem to be happy with destroying people's gameplay experience but aren't confident enough to just ban them considering the system thinks they're cheating. There should not be a grey area. VAC had its flaws, but at least it wasn't problematic like so many other anticheats. I am almost, but not completely, sure that reports play into the Trust Factor. I am a quite inconsistent player and can be all over the scoreboard. I just seemed to have no problems basically doing whatever I wanted in the match and in the end just started rushing down the enemies, even on CT side.

I got called a cheater and got reported a lot and BOOM next game it says "slightly lower Trust Factor" on matchmaking, according to the exact same group of friends. Just before the match it didn't happen. Obviously it could also just be the inconsistency itself that caused it or any other unknown variable to me, but the enemies did copypaste a lot of reports into the chat. I had a run of good games for a few days where I was just feeling it, dropped a few 30 bombs and all of a sudden my friends got the message saying I had a lower trust than them literally overnight and I had so many games that were just a shit show of cheaters, fresh accounts and suspicious players.

Deranked on a big loss streak of odd games I started playing faceit.


I emailed valve, and without playing any mm in that time I played some games and it seems to have raised my trust again, but I'm still done with mm anyway, faceit is a better experience. Just saying that matchmaking right now is completely broken because it's so unbalanced, rank doesn't mean anything anymore, you don't play against players of the same skill at all, it's all just really random. It's not meant to be just that one game, almost all the games are stomps for him or against him, meaning matchmaking is busted.

I can confirm that: I nearly got reported every game - even won games without my m8 doing a single frag. Since then my MM experience is dogshit. I completely understand where you're coming from. I've stopped playing MM and Wingman completely for over a week now. It's just not playable when you're stuck in low Trust and it ruins everyone else's experience.

Even though Valve originally said things like age of account and hours played are important factors, I suspect that's bullshit. Regardless of how many people have reported me, a 13yo account with thousands of hours in CS: GO shouldn't be getting punished like this. Valve is literally pushing experienced players like us out of their game. They don't respond to emails and we have no guidance from them on what to do.

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They are basically forcing us to buy alt accounts. Had a similar experience. Recently started playing a bit Wingman again haven't played since last Operation and got low skilled opponents all the time. Worst thing is with the new trust factor feature i don't even have bad trust factor apparently. I think queueing with "Dr Doctor" is the problem.

Trust circle matchmaking

Not blaming you or him, I've got the same problem and valve doesn't respond to my email. My Wingman rank and my main partner's rank are both DMG even though we are both currently MG1 in MM after a recent, brief, tragic slip into Nova 4 for him and until we hit DMG and sometimes even still in it games have been extremely easy and I've been accused of cheating.

My MM crew has been making fun of me since that update that shows your TF score shows me has being "significantly lower" than my peers and this post made me realize Wingman is probably what did it to me. It's kind of annoying. The same thing happened to me. My rank decayed from only playing ESEA for a bit.

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Its a feedback loop and I see no way to get out of it. So that must mean that nobody cheats anymore seeing how I haven't seen a cheater in ages in my high trust games? And these accounts are totally gonna have a high trust factor right? I only play vs. I even had a live OW ban midgame yesterday. And all that, even though my account owns over games, is 7 years old and I have 2.


I stopped playing MM since this turned out. I really don't wonder how am I doing better in lvl4 faceit than mge mm. In NA you have Faceit which is just a shitshow because you have silvers and LEs in the same matches because of a low playerbase, or ESEA which is bad for numerous reasons. What else can we do though? Once you get bad trust you end up in a downward spiral of reports and griefers, resulting in even lower trust I also used to be SMFC, stopped playing.

Lost my rank and played with GN friends. No message, got matched against regular accounts. You probably always had the low trust factor score. They just implemented that notification a week or two ago. That's why you never got it before. I can actually say pretty confidently this is not true. I play with the OP very often most nights at least games.

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Even as short as weeks ago we were matched up with opponents around our rank who were communicative and not very toxic, about as good as you can expect from MM. In the past couple weeks our matches have become more and more imbalanced. This makes the games really unfun for both us and our opponents. We get accused of cheating, we have to backpack our team every game, and our teammates are frequently toxic. I think they also changed the way you get matched. We're having the same problem with 2 guys in our group. They never played wingman or anything and from one day to another they get the warning and we almost exclusively play against cheaters.

I think it's valve's "cheaters should play against cheaters approach ". Both of our guys with the low trust factor are 14 year old accounts, ex EPS germany players, no smurf accounts. At first when the notifications came my friend received that my trust factor is "slightly" less than his.. It's kind of lame tbh, but it doesn't bother me much since there isn't much left to do in MM for me.

Yeah absolutely the same for their accounts. Nothing dodgy or weird.

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  7. But we just queue up for a game here and there and it's gotten so bad that we have to play faceit instead. It's not even that we get matched vs good players, just really obvious cheaters with pretty new or bought steam accounts. Best part is that nobody knows how to improve the score. So they basically tell you "hey your trust factor is bad and that will affect your MM experience but there's nothing you can do about.

    I can give one more data point that my trust factor has tanked after playing wingman for a month or so. My MM games are now intolerable. This is the same with me right now. Then I started a match with my best friend 2. I always wondered what causes this huge gap but now I think it could be related to my wingman matches, where I get reported more often than in Matchmaking I am mg2 in wingman and Le in matchmaking, but I rarely lose a wingman match.

    I think the same happened to me.

    ᐅᐅ Trust circle matchmaking

    Never played wingman after the first 10 winss. Played a couple of weeks ago, ranked up to mg2 i was deranked to gold nova 3 for inactivity, i'm DMG in mm. After that I play every trust factor game with gold novas, new accounts or smurfs in general. Never cheated a day in my life, but I suspect that I get reported a shitton because I go for a lot of wallbangs and people generally seem to have problems with my playstyle.

    I'm a pretty good awper and those are generally rare in MM and I guess people have problems with that.

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    Also, I've streamed On my main account they get the slightly lower message, on my smurf account I use to play with my friends since they can't play against globals, they get the substanially lower trust factor warning. It's BS and I don't even know what to do, generally the quality on the matches on my smurf is fucking awful, on my main it's OK but sometimes we get bad games there too. It's so fucking frustrating knowing I'm the one causing it without being able to change it or even having a reasonable explanation as to why my trust factor should be low.

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    If you for some reason doubt me, here's my steam profile: It just started happening recently though which is weird had my account since Valve wants you to play against cheaters and have a terrible time playing their game you bought instead of you know I can somewhat relate, I've noticed that last time I had absolute shit Trust Factor when I was actively playing Wingman half year ago, I was being mostly put against and with lower skilled players so I was reported almost every match pretty much.

    I also rarely get reported in MM, since I'm just a average casual scrub. Now I don't play Wingman anymore that much and my Trust looks like normal now? Never had any weird rank games though somehow.