White girl dating a chinese guy

I really want to hang out with a western girl so that I can be envied by all Chinese men, just like the one mentioned above.

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I was married twice in this country to Western girls and they are not faithful. This Chinese girl speaks words that I never heard in this country. Is anyone out there married tuoi Chinese lady that they have a dork for many years. Meet comments before I make this life long decision. If there any secrets that Chinese keep that I need to know about please let me know. I met this Chinese girl today.

I think Chinese girls are really cute.

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I am an American white male, and she did tell me that Chinese girls tend to prefer them. I think the reason is that there is not as much diversity in China. Anyway, I hope she can be my girlfriend after a few dates. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This week on Sinica, Kaiser and Jeremy chat with Christina Larson, a science and technology reporter for the Associated Press, about a major story that her team broke: A worker waters the flowers and plants in front of the local government building in Qingdao, Shandong Province, on the October 1 National Day.

And other thoughts on cross-cultural dating. A Valentine's Week stroll down memory lane Previous post. How China controls cobalt in the Congo, and what that means for electric vehicles Next post. Flavor is more than skin deep: The many ways in which Chinese eat offal Jamie Lui January 15, The women who spoke out against sexual misconduct — and continue to battle misogynists and trolls Jiayun Feng January 15, Thanks I met this Chinese girl today.

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Why foreign women dont date chinese men? (Hong Kong)

True, people always talk about the "Asian girl dating, marrying" white guys. I myself dated and married a white guy but, I had no agenda of doing so, it happened that way. And I wish that people will not look at our marriage that way for our kids sake. I know a girl who married an Asian guy, she thought that they were more of a man under the rubbish people project of a typical Asian man! I hope people will just accept that some interracial couples were just meant to be and if they are happy, give it faith that it's real.

I'm sure that if a person is breathing longer than 35 years, they'll know what's real and fake! People must be allowed to be with whom they please. It is quite ignorant to say otherwise. Having said that, when people specifically say one race is bettereither their own or another, that is saddening and quite ignorant. BJCC 5 yrs ago I totally agree with you girls! I am glad there are sensible people in HK like you guys!

We've been together for over thirty years, married for more than twenty years. Neither of us set out with a mixed-racial relationship as an intention, it just happened that way When we started, there was widespread discrimination against such marriages, particularly by local Chinese.

What being a black man in Ukraine taught me about race relations

It even took a little while to win over her parents and family. The problem on that side was primarily the image that Western guys had correctly so, in most cases of being "loose" with local women; they would date them, have sex with them, and then at some point move on to the next girl. Chinese did not see Western guys as "sincere". Once that was overcome, the rest was inconsequential. There was also a perception again, correct in many instances, although not always that the Chinese girls who were with Western men were of "loose morals".

Are Chinese girls ‘easy’? And other thoughts on cross-cultural dating - SupChina

It was assumed that they were after money, and little better than prostitutes. This was a hard stigma for my wife to endure, but fortunately that image and the reality that sometimes lay behind it has largely faded. No one really pays much attention to a white guy with a Chinese girl.

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White women with Chinese men is a much rarer phenomenon, although not unheard of I've known a few couples like that. There are various reasons behind this, mostly to do with cultural tendencies too complex to get into in a post here. It's often a harder relationship to make work, although for those few who do manage, the marriages can be good ones.