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Maar het meisje had een oogje op me. Soms voel ik me eenzaam omdat ze fungeert ijskoud.

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Gisteren belde ze me op en zegt uit het niets: Of je accepteert dat je gaf haar een kus of deze relatie voorbij is. Beide is verkeerd naar mijn mening. Dus ik zeg ok ik kuste haar. Op dat moment vertelt ze me ok deze relatie voorbij is. Ze blokkeert me op whatsap, Viber alles. Vandaag was ik probeerde in haar gezicht te krijgen, maar ze veranderde haar wachtwoord. Nog steeds im proberen te handelen leuk. En ik kan het doen, maar het doodt me naar binnen hoe ze handelt.

Normaal gesproken had ik deze relatie een lange tijd geleden verlaten, maar ik hou echt van haar. Ze zegt dat onze relatie op dit moment is het niet zeker, ga zaterdag im praten met dat meisje, en zondag zullen we praten. In ons gesprek zal het zeker zijn hoe onze toekomst gaat worden.

Im 26, ik heb een fout gemaakt ik weet. Maar wat kan ik doen? Kunt u mij vertellen hoe u denkt over dit en wat u gaat doen.

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Ik ga trouwens helemaal stuk om de verrotte vertaling van Google translate. Sensy12 schreef op 14 augustus Baggal donderdag 14 augustus Really wonder how you could post this on a Dutch forum? By all means in order to open a topic you need to know how to post. Funny enough that's all written in Dutch.

Could you please explain yourself before we all take the Micky out of you? Regarding to your query: The whole sordid incident is rather awkward. She has a choice: Just wait and see. Can't believe you let this drag on for nearly a year.

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You either move on or you don't. What is the use in expressing yourself that way? Love doesn't ask why I have to be seen to be believed. Summerdance schreef op 14 augustus Va te faire cuire un oeuf! Le plaisir est le bonheur des fous, le bonheur est le plaisir des sages. Nou noem dat maar geen problemen.

Regilio ben jij het? Djin donderdag 14 augustus Carlos cheerleads for her until she starts missing dinners and trying to buy him off with fancy gifts like he used to do with her. He says he wants her time and for her to be present. He then scares her into realizing what she's neglecting by hiring a hot female gardener as a reminder of what she did with John Rowland all those years ago. She is angry about this since it is not funny to her to mock the most shameful thing she's ever done.

At Renee's wedding they make up and compliment each other on how much they've grown and how their relationship works now and vow to keep it great. Susan is seeing Julie through the last weeks of her pregnancy trying to set her up on a date with her OB and dreading telling the girls that she is moving. She and Julie talk about men and Susan says she may or may not have another torrid romance in her but she has her memories of Mike and her life on the Lane to keep her warm.

Julie, Gaby, and Susan are all helping insane and egostical "bridezilla" Renee on her big day to Ben. In the limo on the way to the wedding Julie's water breaks They make a quick stop at Gaby's department store to get a new wedding dress. Gaby and Renee emerge and when the limo is gone they hotfoot it to the wedding. Renee arrives disheveled and distraught but Ben says all the right things and the wedding goes off without a hitch and includes Lynette's lovely toast and Carlos and Gaby's reconciliation. Meanwhile, in her turns helping McCluskey she is tasked with getting a specific hard to get 45 and a turntable to play it on for the dying woman.

At the same time Roy and McCluskey notice Trip constantly calling Bree and her giving him the brush off and this gives McCluskey an idea. On the day of the wedding Bree stops in and sees that McCluskey has the record and turntable and Roy says Trip got it for them. Trip then crashes the wedding and finally convinces Bree that he truly cares for her.

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She says she couldn't trust that he really liked her because he learned about all of her ugly secrets-- the drinking, promiscuity, lying. He says he doesn't want to love an ideal, but a person. On her deathbed McCluskey listens to her record "Wonderful, Wonderful" and we see a montage: Ben and Renee dance at their reception, Julie giving birth, Tom and Lynette kissing and dancing at the reception and then Porter running in and telling them about Julie and rushing off to the hospital.

Just as the baby is born, McCluskey dies.

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Bree gets a call and she and Trip run to McCluskey's house and comfort Roy and grieve. Gaby and Carlos dance with their girls. Then we cut to one last poker game. The four ladies reminisce and talk about how they hope this won't be their last game and how much they love each other. But, according to Mary Alice's final voice over, it is. She informs us, and we see, what happens to everyone: Lynette and Tom left Fairview four weeks later. She became a successful CEO, they loved New York and had six grandchildren thanks to Porter, Preston, and Penny getting married and having unrudely kids of their own.

Gaby and Carlos left the following year. Gaby started a personal shopping website that led to her own show on the Home Shopping Network that led them to a mansion in southern California while Carlos apparently remained as a social services counselor. Two years later Bree and Trip got married. They moved to Louisville, Kentucky where Trip took a job at a law firm, and Bree became a member of the Kentucky state legislature where she also joined a women's club for ultra-conservative women and partakes in weekly bridge games and bakery sales.

Susan moved first but before she did, she introduced herself to the woman moving in and wished her well. The woman worries it will be boring in the suburbs. Susan assures her it won't be. Before she leaves Susan takes one last spin around the block with MJ and Julie.

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Who says finally that even the most desperate life is oh so wonderful? We watch the new woman move into Susan's house. Wearing an acutely desperate look on her face, she carries a mysterious-looking locked box into the garage and stores it behind a locked door. Page last updated by matt, 4 days ago Top Contributors: Rupansh's The Pulchritude www. Ik had 't laatste stukje gemist, staat gewoon op youtube zoek even op final episode deseperate housewives. Mirremara woensdag 30 mei Is het nu echt afgelopen?

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Dus ik ging ervan uit dat er nog meer kwam. Volgens mijn gids was dit de allerlaatste aflevering ooit. Dat zal ook wel want ze breiden er een echt eind aan met een vooruitblik hoe het de wives zal vergaan in de toekomst. Jammer dat het is afgelopen, heb het alle seizoenen gevolgd. It's important to be at VivaTech today because it is the main show about innovation in Europe and France.

VivaTech for a startup allows you to meet your partners, [and] your clients. Demos of innovative products and services and pitch contests reveal how these future tech stars plan to reshape the world of tomorrow. Make connections and schedule appointments with the VivaTech app. Check out dedicated zones for coding, coaching and other resources to take your business to the next level.

The President of the French Republic has honored our event again in After a morning of fierce competition, they voted for Wingly, a flight-sharing platform that connects pilots and passengers, to be the winner. Register to our newsletter to be the first to hear about special offers, VivaStories, speakers announcement, program release, special events, and so much more! Emmanuel Macron, President of France.