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Stick this one out if your looking for a relationship, she sounds like a rare quality girl. I'd talk to her more and more and find out more details.

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Seems like she may be a little socially awkward. Is she incredibly intelligent? All that you need to fuel the fire of ho-dom is to light a match in the right circumstances. This part is a bit troubling given my personal experiences: That should be a good start. Also, do not go in with the idea of wanting to bang right away - it's a positive and sought by men but it shouldn't be your only goal at this point. I think a lot of you guys get it in your heads that there are these polarized "types" of women, and the only way to avoid being cheated on is to be with the "super conservative virgin" types.

The single most important factor in any successful relationship is compatibility. If you aren't a "super conservative virgin", you're bound to hit some walls and have some disagreements. Why would you shift your entire personality to try and be with a girl you perceive as good? Just so she won't cheat on you? Cause there are other girls that wouldn't either, that you may be more compatible with.

She might be more open to your lifestyle than you think, but ultimately you guys sound like you're both at two different phases of your life right now - so one person likely you will have to bend. I'm not saying don't try -- but don't get all blinded by infatuation and this idea that "she wont cheat! Originally Posted by AceRok.

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Originally Posted by JValkyrie. Originally Posted by Nedo. Originally Posted by janky. Originally Posted by iamdetermined. I understand but we also have a lot in common as far as experiences and personality are concerned. Although I live the club lifestyle now, I don't think I really enjoy it. I mostly do it to attempt getting laid and from the ego boost it gives me hitting on hot girls and having them be receptive to me.

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Don't wanna bore you with the details of this, but basically sometimes I feel like since I came to college I've lost who I really am trying to fit in. I wanna get to know her cause I think past all the clubbing and stuff, we are very similar. OP you're not introverted. I don't know one introvert that goes to the clubs, it would be exhausting for them. I personally think, you and this girl are too different. Also, introverts are pretty stuck in their ways since they rarely have to compromise for anyone because there is "no one" to compromise for, they're usual alone most of the time.

She won't like you trying to change her, and you shouldn't have to change for her either. Just go find a nice extroverted girl and let her find a nice introverted guy. It would be better suited that way. Do you think I should try and kiss her on the first date? I almost dated a good girl last year.. She wouldn't even think of hitting my hookah when I offered it to her and she was arabic. Thankfully I met my now current GF shortly after and we can go out to bars and clubs etc and have a good time together. Despite all the girls I've gone after I still suck at talking to girls so I'd probably stay faithful and appreciate her.

Originally Posted by jimbong. Then go for it, she is no different than other girls. Talk to her, make her smile and laugh and let it be known that you are interested in being more than just friends. You don't want to be overly pushy with sex and such but nothing wrong with making it known that you find her attractive and as such want to have sex with her at some point. Its possible you guys are too different and it won't work out or it is possible that you share many core beliefs and you'll be find together. Won't know until you try and get to know her better.

Originally Posted by skies You haven't even been on a date with this chick and you've made her out to be some kind of golden egg You don't even know if she has a dikk or not and you want her to be yours? Is she even attracted to you? If she is giving you the vibes, then yes do try and kiss her on first date. Second date you have to no matter what.

8 Reasons You Should Date A Conservative Woman

Military families usually feature a strong figure head. This can and cannot be a problem.

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