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He wiped away my tears and felt guilty for being the reason for them. His arms held me tighter as I buried my face into his chest and vowed to myself to not cry anymore in front of him. He planted a tender kiss on my forehead as I searched my pocket for my keys. I left with a wave and a promise to let him know I made it home safely.

I chose a long route home to see more of the river and to think. Inside the privacy of my car and the darkness, I started to cry again. Crying and driving in silence, fortunately somehow my car seemed to navigate itself through downtown. This heartbreak changed him and I know it will be a long time before he can be vulnerable again. Thank you for reading and I hope you find AND keep love. Smooches, The Single Mom.

Should A Childless Man In His 30s Date Single Mothers?

Posted by singlemom at 9: I started a new job this fall and have been working in an office fulltime AND working my freelance marketing jobs. I wake up early to my freelance work so that I can be at my job at 9: I also still have my teenage son every day and night, so having time to date and have private time i. I have been talking to and even briefly seen a couple of men from my past, one of whom things started to seem like they may be working out finally.

Things were going well, we were connecting, the passion was back and all was going well until it abruptly ended up like a flaming bag of dog poo on the doorstep. Unfortunately, he abruptly lost his job and had to switch gears to focus on his job hunt… thus the flaming bag of dog poo.

You know, life can be like that: Yup, I think we all can relate. Nope, not bitter at all. I had an emotional meltdown a few weeks ago when I had to cancel two dates in a week because of mom responsibilities.

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The bitterness and anger started to eat at my soul and I had to dig deep to realize that I had to start letting it go so for my own happiness. There's no universal formula to deal with the aftermath of divorce because there are so many different situations and they can change drastically through the years. I tell myself there will be a lot of time for me to date in a few years, I just hope that I still want to and I still have my teeth -- or at least most of them when the time comes.

The rub is that while we I was seeing the man this fall Mr. The current circumstances have put the kibosh on this relationship. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year! Posted by singlemom at 8: My philosophy on the art of dating is quite simple: When you engage in the art of dating from the right place physically, mentally and emotionally, you actually stand a better chance of ending up with the person who is the best fit for you sooner.

You will only get what you want when you make up your mind about what that is, and get smart about your search.

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I write all about my journey to finding my husband of five years, my Mr. I want to save you some time, aggravation, heart-ache and babysitting dollars. Ask for, and Get, What You Want. There is someone out there who wants for you to give him what you want to give and who will give you what want you to receive.

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Oh yes, and you probably will want to enjoy the process. I make it sound so easy, right? They may have a brother, son, nephew, cousin, co-worker, or neighbor who sounds like a good fit.

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You just never know where your Mr. Wonderful is going to come from. Have fun and enjoy the process. Go to new restaurants, indulge in new foods, try miniature golfing, go hiking, learn how to SUP stand-up paddle , learn a new language, train for a triathlon. All of these activities put you in front of people, many of them new people.

The energy that holds expectation and hope and even a little bit of crazy? Yes, yes it would. There are two other love-finding tips I want to share with you. Go out with your girlfriends, or even take a weekend away by yourself. In other words, do the thing that scares you the most when it comes to dating.

You deserve to try something new and get a new, great result. Second, save yourself for the best fit, i. Good enough is just not good enough. This process is about finding Mr. We compliment each other so well, and that makes our relationship harmonious, most days, anyway. Tuesday, September 17, Going Deep. I always wanted to write and leave a legacy of words on the world in my own way. I wanted those words to make you laugh, inspire, teach, entertain and sometimes even touch your heart.

While none of those goals changed, my circumstances did, drastically. When I began writing this blog, although I just got dumped and fired I had no idea that life was about to suck even more.

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