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This is just horrible, the guy run into the boomer and didnt die, last time i played i got killed by a boomer while i was in cover with no damage done before, this game is so unbalanced.

Massive Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Update

On that note, do you normally get connected to more people in the UK? How does halo's matchmaking go for you? Because I've got a fairly decent connection with open nat but nothing seems to get me good hosts. Sony should just release duke nukem time to kill for playstation Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Flam3Thr0w3r Follow Forum Posts: I'v had no complaints for gears 2 online.

Well it wasn't as bad as when it was released, but it still takes too long and the game still has bad balancing issues. CreepyBacon Follow Forum Posts: Epic patched it, that's why. For the most part it's gone. That was really, really bad lag. P Don't know whther it was that guys connection, or whether Epic patched the game or something, because I was asked to update the game when I first put it in.

Luckily gears 2 is good enough in all other respects that it doesn't really matter Zoomin I live in Scotland in the UK, buddy.

Gears Of War 2 Online Broken? - Gears of War 2 - Giant Bomb

P That's how gears of war should of been Time To Kill Playstation That's how a third person shooter is done man owns gears of war single player and multiplayer lol. Yeah the gameplays fine, its the connection issues I cant stand On that note, do you normally get connected to more people in the UK? MarloStanfield Follow Forum Posts: IshmaelSonata Follow Forum Posts: Zoomin Halo 3 is fine for me. I am not really sure what my secret is, to be honest.

I am on AOL. LibertySaint Follow Forum Posts: I usually play with a friend and its faster by about 2 minutes generally with a party member but it still takes around 8 minutes to find a match with the update. And omfg the lag can be sooooooo bad in games. I also freaking hate how the shotgun is back and actually better then ever if u know how to use it But i do love how they improved the hammer burst.

Have u not been getting bullet lag.

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When i do i just use a freaking chain saw which gets boring after awhile. Really i have a 10mb down 2 mb up and i still lag like hell in most games with bullet lag up to 2 seconds, on average its a second to a second which is pretty bad. Why couldn't they just copy halo 3's system and networking? Not true for the majority of people. The majority suffer heinous wait times and laggy games once we get in not to mention people quitting because we don't get to pick our gametype, another dumb quirk to the system. Then, if everything is fine and the game begins, we get saddled with more glitches than Gears 1 ever had combined This game is a mangled fraction of what it could and should be and it has almost completely lost the attention of the hardcore gears faithful thanks to that fact balance issues anyone?

Hardcore fans are what keep the game great and going long after worthless casuals leave, and they've really pissed off the hardcores with this one F no, not in this game but at least my halo 3 and shadowrun are awesome I will also be playing on lovely steam tho P i'm just bugging ya hehe: Burnsmiesta Follow Forum Posts: Everything else was his own fault.

I have noticed that on my 10mb down and 2 mb up connection in canada!!!!! The patch didn't do near enough for most people Gears matchmaking is hardly working for me. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Nightmare Achievement List Revealed.

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