Halo mcc matchmaking still not fixed

Some people just want to relax when they play. I can tell you one thing ; casuals know why you are withholding certain playlists for the time being. Please consider adding one casual playlist, it will make a lot of people happy. All in all, this patch seemed promising. I know there are plenty of planned changes and more updates down the road. I feel that progress has been made, but not enough progress. And plenty of other players agree. I know some people on here may judge me for nitpicking. But listen carefully; kissing the ground walks on will not improve the MCC.

This forum exists for constructive, and at times tough, feedback. Show More Show Less. I lost all the maps I made on MCC And it's set to First to Reduce it to It's an unplayable snooze-fest otherwise. Hey are you ever going to fix the downloading matchmaking data glitch? Pretty sure it's been an issue since day 1 and I would like to play multiplayer without having to redownload 70gb every time.

First, I would like to say that I appreciate your efforts in trying to fix MCC but this is disappointing so far. I understand the playlist options at this point so I won't go there yet. I don't understand taking away the vote at all. It gave players some modicum of control over what game to choose. This way, you're thrown into a game not even knowing what to prep for. Slayer, neutral assault, etc.

My initial movements will be different depending on the game and I don't even know what that is until I'm there.

Halo MCC Revisited

Also, I'm too busy trying to see who we're playing to get a good start. I believe you said you did that so that people wouldn't quit because they see who it is or their ranks but I feel this is also a prep in the game and should not be excluded. Being thrown into games completely blind is a rough start. The H3 system worked so well! I know the community is much smaller now but it's going to get even smaller if you keep these changes. MCC wasn't what everybody wanted but it has made it four years with a dedicated crowd.

Do you understand why people sit and quit? In ranked it's because you keep running into fifties with modded controllers or just plain beasts.

[Locked] MCC Multiplayer Feedback

In social it's because people don't like all of the games included. Rather than punish quitters and sitters, give them what they want And I think everybody already agrees that Xbox has turned into it's own little police state. I'm a diehard H3 fan and have rarely played ranked in the last four years but have played a TON of social slayer. And the only reason I keep playing it is because it usually gets the H3 vote.

I don't think I'd still be playing otherwise. Also by separating the games not rotating you might get a better idea of what people really want AND keep everybody playing. The population would still be the about the same, no? For me and my regular cohorts, it looks like we'll only be playing when H3 comes to social or keep deranking to stay away from modded controllers and beasts. And that's only going to last for so long I still have a first gen console as this is the only game I play on Xbox.

I've been waiting to see what happens with this update before upgrading but for now it's looking like my PlayStation purchase in the spring was a good idea! Better yet, announce an H3 anniversary and get back to the good old days! New content, same system. Is it possible to get Bungie back on board? Great post on the particulars! Rath of Rabbits wrote:. Not totally happy with the matchmaking playlists.

I usually play Halo 4 the most out of all the games, but it seems there is a very limited playlist an no plans to increase it in the near future. I was thinking that the release would allow access to all playlist and game types for all the titles, but I see assuming will always let you down. I hope you changes its mind and adds more playlists for Halo 4 in the next release.

In regards to the matchmaking experience after the update, I feel everything was running pretty smooth and I did not run into any issues during my gameplay. Searching was very quick but due to only social gameplay I could not determine if the engine matched me up with players with the same amount of skill.

Thank you for not giving up on MCC! I would like to give feedback, but it seems that there is a server problem. MCC just says "connecting to transport service. And then nothing happens. Halo MCC was published uncompleted in Props to the works who busted ass on this KawhiSenpai , Aug 27, Last edited by KawhiSenpai , Aug 27, Aug 27, 3.

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Halo the Master Chief Collection Multiplayer Matchmaking not working - Microsoft Community

It'll be interesting to see if the population rises significantly after it moves to Game Pass. Props to for actually trying to fix the game, but fuck them for releasing the game in its broken state. They knew full well it was a shitshow and they still put it out there. AngryXenomorph , hipcrime , havoc00 and 1 other person like this. Aug 27, 9. ZackMorris , Aug 27, Aug 27, I think I downloaded the game again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Flynn2Doucet , Aug 27, I still love hopping on every now and then for some H2.

Can't wait to play this!

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Electroacoustic , Aug 27, After 10 years they finally fixed it. Now 4 people can return back, bringing the total of 6 players worldwide. TrooltheTrollLegend , Aug 27, Totally going to check out the enhancements.

Halo Master Chief Collection is "fixed" lol

TheVert , Aug 27, I haven't played 2 in forever but I'd still wreck everyone here. AssassinAltair , Aug 27, Have they added a custom game server browser? I played Halo PC religiously for like 10 months because of that feature and honestly it was the only time I actually had fun with this series.

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