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Since Nan Pai San Shu's stories are mostly in a shared universe, there have already been many actors who have attempted the same character in the past. The show's been unveiling the cast in recent months and despite new faces playing the same characters, it's shaping up to be a very solid lineup to satisfy fans of the franchise.

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Beijing Yexuan Cultural, Co. It seems their time together has brought lasting friendships and frequent reunions as attendance was high for their first get together this year. It's a little strange but nice seeing everyone together, not in costume and most of all happy! It's not a high number and quite expectedly, the show seems to be doing better online as it placed in third within the first week. The show has also reached million views 3 days after release.

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With Like a Flowing River out of the way, The Story of Minglan takes over as the ratings leader while the rest play catch up. The show seems well-timed as there aren't as many spy dramas lately. Meanwhile, online rankings have barely moved.

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Although already a rising star, many still know Arthur Chen Feiyu as the son of famous director, Chen Kaige. Not, I am your father but that you are Chen Feiyu's dad. For him, Chen Kaige is simply a father, a good father.

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It's a tad disappointing for someone like Ariel Lin who has played the same character many times before though also commendable to know that she can pull off cutesy roles so naturally even in her mid-thirties. The character's death trended on social media the next day for being too tragic and many demanding that Chi Zhen not be killed off. It looks like their prayers have been answered now that the show has dropped an easter egg to reveal the real ending.

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Inserted ads in streaming vides are nothing new. Even Youtube and Facebook have them. To me, they're basically TV commercials for the internet age.

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  7. It's certainly common to see Chinese dramas series with ad inserts but when is it going too far? It looks like the folks from Meteor Garden are truly branching out.

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    It premiered to lukewarm ratings at the beginning though it has been improving as the weeks progress. It seems that ratings have turned out to be just as predicted. A woman attempts to climb the social ladder by means of vengeance and ambition in order to capture one man's heart.

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