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At night, button-downs for the guys and fashionably ripped skinny jeans for the ladies. Rowdy soccer fans and the PR girls who tolerate them gather to watch games, get sloshed and make plays for each other at this North Williamsburg beer hall. It can get messy. The vibe is college reunion on the Hudson at this unpretentious barge bar crowded with Big Ten grads reliving their glory days alongside somethings commiserating about their work days.

Hoop earrings and a flowy jumpsuit for the ladies, crew neck for the boys.

The Best Cougar Bars In NYC

Freshly minted European investment bankers order bottle service on the rooftop, while drag queens dance the night away downstairs. An Oxford shirt or glitter and a sparkly boa, depending on which camp you fall into. These identical twins will marry another pair of identical View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed.

View author archive Get author RSS feed. Alta Calidad Vanderbilt Ave. Plus the food is excellent, and lends itself to snacking and sharing: We especially love the queso fundido with honey and pumpkin seeds and garden-pepper margarita. And the options for continuing the date less than a block away are myriad: Dardy Bar S.

Divey, for sure; fun, absolutely. Quiet South 1st Street tends to be safe from the boisterous crowds in the area, and Dardy Bar caters to drinkers who appreciate a low-key vibe. Big Bar 75 E.

The Absolute Best Places for a First Date in New York

The year-old Big Bar is, as any East Villager worth her dive-bar grit knows, actually tiny, but in the snug, homey sense. Adirondack Prospect Ave.

After that, you can suggest a drink at this intimate, upstate—New York—themed spot, where the bartenders make good hot toddies and the food menu includes to-share options — e. Bacaro Division St. You can make dinner reservations and head downstairs to the tapered-candle-lit, brick-walled basement for a full meal of Italian wine, garlic shrimp over polenta, and tiramisu.

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Bar Goto Eldridge St. Bearded Lady A Washington Ave. That being said, he also looked like the kind of guy who would offer to pay for more than just a shot of Fireball or the shittiest beer on tap so, like, I was here for it. I imagine this is the kind of bar where that year-old with a really great fake that you met at Houston Hall one time goes when he grows up hits 25 and has a crisis of conscience.

1. Booker and Dax

Hope to see ya soon, buddy! I had to include another outdoor bar because I so enjoy day drinking for the Insta. Not only does this bar guarantee you a new riverside profile pic, but it also guarantees you a lot of time spent in the company of men who wear shit like this:.

Definitely hit this place up on summer Fridays and be sure to wear your sluttiest pastels. This crowd will eat that shit up. In a previous post I mentioned that this bar is a place where New Jersey commuting douchebags hang out and also maybe Trump supporters. Well, in a complete and totally expected turn of events, these Jersey commuting assholes and worshipers of a human Cheeto also work in finance.

If you go there, prepare to spend a fuck ton of money on a very shitty vodka soda and have forced conversation with some guy trying to sell you on coming back to his place… in HOBOKEN. Look, I have nothing against Hoboken.