Dating while working night shift

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You can still make it work with the right attitude and a few adjustments. After all, this isn't a real crisis and there are couples who work in different countries for years but still nourish their marriage.

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Here are a few ways to get by:. Chances are, there are at least a couple of hours per week where neither of you need to be sleeping and your schedules overlap.

Do you spend this zoning out in front of screens, running errands, or doing different tasks in different rooms? Make the most of any time you have together, and try to think of this like all the good parts of an illicit affair: You wouldn't spend precious time with a lover picking up groceries, would you?

Medical Minute - Beware the night shift

Carve out 15 minutes every week to talk in person about concerns, issues around the house, parenting troubles and anything else that requires action. Anything more than 15 minutes, outside of a genuine crisis of course, is not helpful. However, this time is critical so that one partner doesn't feel like they're taking on all the responsibility.

16 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Dating Someone Working Night Shifts

You can filter by zip code and meet someone this weekend. Go online Even though there are a whole lot of sectors — ranging from hospitality to healthcare where someone or other is doing the night shift — the only problem is getting to meet them or come across such singles in the daytime. So one of the best things you can do to reach out to men and women like you is to go online.

Look for dating sites which specifically cater to the relationship needs of singles working odd hour shifts and sign up. How to find the time Even if you have found yourself a potential partner, the physical limitations of working the night shift may stand in the way between you and an enjoyable date. You will not only be coming home at seven in the morning every day but are likely to crash out for the better part of the day.

Dear Bossip: He Works Nights & His Schedule Affects Our Relationship

By the time you get up in the afternoon, there is food to be cooked and chores to be attended to — no matter how basic your living arrangements are. If you have a family, then this is also the only time you get to spend time with them or help them in some way before you get ready for your work again. However all is not lost and with a little bit of planning, you can find a couple of hours of leisure before you head for the workplace. Keep your early evenings free so that you can meet someone for coffee or a light snack and if lucky maybe you can fit in a movie show as well.

Evenings are also a good time to explore your neighborhood park and while there, you may bump into a single brisk- walking or jogging like you. Ultimately you have to be willing to work at your social life on a regular basis and while you may be tempted to lounge a couple of more hours in bed, try and make an effort at getting up and going out.

Dating for People Who Work the Night Shift | Futurescopes

You can of course take advantage of your off days and hope that your date will be available. Must suck having a stripper for a girlfriend.

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RatedRSuperstarr , Jun 18, Wickkidd , Jun 18, BreakfastKing , Jun 18, Wolfganon , Jun 18, I know that feeling. I used to work overnight and I'd only see her just as she came home with my car before I left for work. Just be glad you're not the one working overnight. Logic- , Jun 18, Sertith , Jun 18, HarrystheName , Jun 18, Only upside is appreciating the time you get together more.

I dread having opposing work schedules. Its actually weird being able to spend so much time together and function. Hopefully the schedule difference doesn't last forever if you guys do work out