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Obstetric ultrasound may be used at various stages of the pregnancy to obtain valuable information about the progress of the pregnancy. Scans are performed to establish due dates, check for twins and assess whether the pregnancy is progressing normally.

How is a dating scan performed?

These scans are performed between 11 weeks and 2 days and 13 weeks and 6 days. The sonographer will carefully review the different parts of your baby. You may bring your partner or another observer to this scan however please remember that it is an important medical examination of your baby, and the sonographer needs to be able to concentrate during the procedure.


In a very small number of women, a problem may be identified. Despite significant improvements in ultrasound imaging, not all problems can be detected with ultrasound. You will be asked to drink mls of water at least one hour before your examination and then not empty your bladder before your scan. Despite many investigations there have been no confirmed adverse effects attributed to diagnostic ultrasound exposure in this time.

The images will be reviewed and reported by our radiologist.

Pregnancy (Obstetrics)

This can take up to 90 minutes. For your convenience we can generally deliver the imaging and report to your doctor by the next working day. Alternatively your doctor may request that you wait or return later to collect the imaging and report. Gel will be applied to the area being imaged to help create a good contact between you and the ultrasound probe.

The probe will be placed directly onto the gel and your skin for the duration of the examination.

Obstetric Ultrasound

The sonographer will move the probe around on your skin at different angles to obtain images. The scan is completely painless, although some pressure may be applied to improve the image quality. Please tell the sonographer if this becomes uncomfortable. Your ultrasound will be performed by a Radiologist medical specialist or a sonographer a specially trained technologist. Because the examiner is interpreting moving images on a screen a high degree of concentration is required. Most Preganancy Ultrasound examinations will be completed within minutes.

It is not unusual for the radiologist to come in and speak with you and view the images on the screen.

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At the end of the procedure the gel is simply wiped from your skin so that it does not mark your clothes. Ultrasounds are a very low risk procedure and complications are rare however you should be informed of the possible risks and side effects.

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