Bad dating habits to break

If you stalk their social media and already know the names of his or her entire family on a first date you are taking away from them telling you about themselves. The second reason you need to stop stalking their social media is because it will make you go crazy. You will make yourself go crazy if you see a cute girl comment on his picture. Either way it is a lose-lose situation. We have all done this one. You take time to think of a cute text to send to the person you are dating.

Then you wait for a response and hear nothing back. So you send another text and that text goes unanswered. This could go on for a while depending on the person.

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But sending insistent texts will not make you look good. They are going to make you look crazy, desperate, or like a stage five clinger. Trust me—they got it and your phone is working. Just be patient for your answer and if they never answer you back, their silence speaks volumes. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes we all make. I know in the beginning of any relationship we are on our best behavior because we want the other person to see all our good qualities.

But this does not mean you have to change who you are. You should be accepted you for who you are no matter what. Trust me, it is way more fun to date someone when you are totally yourself then when you have to monitor everything you say. Ladies, do not have sex with someone just because you think they will like you more.

1. Disregarding your reason and gut

If they are pressuring you to have sex before you are ready then they are not really about getting to know you. Yes, there are some awesome relationships that work out after sex on the first date but this is not the case most of the time. If someone really wants to get to know you they will put their hormones aside to do just that. They will wait until you are ready to take that next step because sex is not their end game, you are. But in the real world you are dealing with real people.

The only thing you should expect is to be treated with respect and respect is not about grand gestures.

13 Bad Dating Habits To Break In 2014

Not offering to pay on the first date. Come on, girls, this is the 21st century. You have a job, so at least offer to pay. Playing hard to get. Blabbing too much and listening too little. By talking too much about yourself, you do one or all of the following things: Clinging to your phone.

Tips To Break Bad Dating Habits

So many of us have this bad habit these days. Calls, texts, Instagram updates and especially Tinder can wait! Turn it off and put it in your purse. Letting your friends have an opinion. You want their opinion, right? Let things progress naturally, and forget about what your friends are doing.

Some of the best matches are between people who never would have expected to get along at all. Ask some of these questions and see what they say. Why so much negativity? Yeah, if the service is crap, a comment is fine, but constantly dragging it out will leave a sour taste on the date. You want to focus on how you guys get along, not whether the waitress is a bitch. People will kind of be able to figure this one out themselves.

13 Dating Habits To Let Go Of In | StyleCaster

And it may put pressure on you to get along from the get-go. Everyone will know you are an awkward tinder-couple. Leave out the notoriety. Try and focus and be present in the moment. If you ask too early, they may hesitate and you will come off as a little desperate and pressurizing.

Stop pressurizing them , it looks desperate. But suck it up and stop complaining. We are all grown-ass adults who should know how to be independent. So be open to splitting the tab, because equality in all directions is cool.