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History of Indigenous Australians

I am blessed to have a mother who is so strong. She is a brilliant educator and a great mentor, not just to me, but to so many others. Her knowledge of Bunuba life and Bunuba culture and history is profound. I am who I am because of her. As the first Yolngu printmaker from northeast Arnhem Land, Banduk Marika, received an honorary doctorate from Flinders University in recognition of her remarkable contributions as a First Nations artist and cultural advocate for the Yolngu people.

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It's not the first hashtag that's promoted inclusion and diversity in Australia, with previous instances like IndigenousDads, MarriageEquality, BringThemHere, and IllRideWithYou generating conversation around the country's underrepresented social issues. The Doodle celebrates Colleen Shirley Perry Smith, better known as "Mum Shirl," a prominent social worker and humanitarian and activist committed to the justice and welfare of Aboriginal Australians.

Google also launched a feature on Google Assistant which lets you ask, "Share some inspirational indigenous voices.

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This program directly addresses critical barriers to the take up and use of technology and is being delivered with our partner the Indigenous Remote Communications Association. Find out more about inDigiMOB here. In partnership with Swinburne University, we commissioned the first comprehensive Australian study on the prevalence, impacts and evaluation of the most effective strategies to tackle cyber-safety in remote Aboriginal communities and towns.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander collection timeline

Indigenous customers who are looking for advice on appropriate, targeted and affordable Telstra products and services, or are experiencing communication difficulties can contact our Indigenous Communities Hotline on to be served by a dedicated, specially trained team. When it comes to digital excellence, we see great value in getting started early.

Through our partnership with One Laptop Per Child Australia, 50, laptops are being distributed to disadvantaged schools, including many with a large Indigenous student population. Tradition often dictates that elders in a community should be looked up to for wisdom, but that gets flipped where technological prowess is concerned.

Our Tech Savvy Elders program allows the entire community to come together to learn, leaving nobody behind. When we set up our new start-up academy, muru-D, we wanted to give it a distinctive Aboriginal name that recognised its location on the traditional land of the Eora people. Poole says that she knows of many relationships and friendships that have formed as a result of meeting on the page.

I also know of a few failures as the members who break-up tend to come back to my group and begin their search for love again.

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I t warms my heart when I hear of relationships that have success in love in my group " she says. One member, who wishes to be anonymous, recently contacted Poole to express gratitude over finding, who she believes is, her life partner through the page:. We were strong in contact at first but my job had me distracted for a while and we lost contact.

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One weekend months later, I bumped into him at the shop and we had the best conversation. It went for that long we ended up having dinner the same day! WIth the group growing steadily, the next phase for the Poole and the administrators will be organising meet-ups and dating events such as speed-dating. For information on Aboriginal Connect head to the Facebook page here.

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