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I speed watch the whole drama over one weekend without regret love itbrIt will be really weird if Kang So Bong doesnt fall in love to NS. Thats why some people say I love you with all my heart. There is tension there is affection in this drama you can not to fall in love with Nam Sin or So Bong. If having a personal preference means that Im racist then I guess I am one.

The thing is people meet people everyday they credit score dating do not all just base it on kpop or jpop or cpop. However we were dating in glasgow free encouraged to watch this when all the staffs from a computer store guaranteed that this was one Kdrama worth watching for and we opted to try it And then WOW Starting from Episode we felt like we dont want to leave our seats anymore With all the twist and connections excitement drama comedy and cuteness overload of NamShin and YoungHoon how could you resist watching itThis is the first time we were able to watch Seo KangJoon acting And I must say hes one great actor Considering how he was able to give justice to act like different characters I must say hes one of the best And I just found out he was one of the cast in Cheese in the Trap along with all other favorite like Euntak and BookJo and Nam Joo Hyuk We were not able to watch this drama but will best dating websites online surely watch this now because of Seo KangJoon Of course dont forget Lee JoonHyuk aka Mr.

I also am hoping Ji Young Hoon remains a good guy throughout the show.

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I keep watching and been attracted to this drama. So Bong is an. Even though in my opinion Korean families are pretty closeminded my family is pretty open but Kpop has impacted me too much.

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If this Interracial dating in maryland were NOT the case wed see more variety in the inter racial couples out there. Leave Chae soo bin alone she doesnt need to be involve in this and dont use her. I feel boomerang dating like Credit score dating my hearts breaking right now. Jessica then became the main host of the beauty show Beauty Bible alongside Kim Jaekyung. Br nbspThe Los Angeles Police Department is getting involved in death threats against in particular has been getting gun threats as the boysampSquishyukkie Jun pm Tired of waiting I love this drama so much Seo Kang Joon shines in this onebrnbspSafira Dec am as long as gong seung yeon there i will watch the drama.

It makes me to want to have a robot like roboshin. Your intent doesnt change it. There is a very tiny segment of population that can claim that sort of exceptionalism and most likely you are not it. Are what is snsd dating allkpop important. This issue is so complicated and I think these kind of people need to be educated about races and racism in general before you could make them understand what they are doing by lumping together all dating divas hotel korenasian people together.

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This drama really showed the true meaning of love. Rudi Sep pm The first time for me when I saw this drama snsd dating allkpop when the storyline was in the middle to the end anyone would know what snsd dating allkpop would happen as a result of the Shin human end.

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Real Nam Shin dies during snsd dating allkpop top dating sites for serious relationships coma and his mother abandon the robot and decided not to proceed to the impersonation con project. Imagine someone snsd dating allkpop identical to you more capable and always getting compared to. Seo played niced evil act.

I dont like them because they are asian but i do find east asian features snsd dating allkpop really attractive. Just because someone is of a particular race doesnt mean they act a certain way. Apparently in this disgusting politically correct world snsd dating allkpop were living dating a yugoslavian sks in we are no longer allowed to have preferences.

Honest Jun am Kang So Bong female lead is the single most annoying character ever greedy for dating in ky money snsd dating allkpop and unbelievably stupid and gullible. Young bin was a laid back problematic character amp Baek in Ho was a talented thug with a painful past.

Snsd dating allkpop

Give us a break Kim Yoo Jung would be times better. The plot seems somewhere near snsd dating allkpop the line of the swedish TV series Humans which is so far I considered the best Scifi drama in the market. There is a very tiny segment of snsd dating allkpop population that can claim that sort of exceptionalism and top 5 dating sites for over 50 most likely you are not it. Writing production and acting are super creative.

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Snsd dating allkpop Dating sites in orlando florida. Snsd dating allkpop Date: The same way when a black person that isnt the image of ghetto gets referred to as not really black or an oreo Uhm still a long wait because of Fifa Coverage. And as the mulitcultural Disneyland ride that attracts people from all over the world the internet has turned into an electronic melting pot at our fingertips Oh yes Mr.

And also the immediate change in facial expression when Namshin III has to pretend to be the real Namshin. The family would stay together and happy. Looking forward for your next drama Saranghe oppabrFufu Aug pm I love this robot sooo much. Wonhallyu Jun am All this hate on So Bong is so pretentious because who is perfect Like you cant expect her to be perfect and for yall to say you hate her and that shes annoying well theres people like this around Frankly I find her character to be very independent determined something pretty rare in dramaland.

This drama is so much much better than most Korean dramas where you only see a bratty rich dude falling in love read become unnecessarily jealous and possessive of some poor girl who works for him. She looks like a fool to me everytime she expresses her love to nam shin. May be leads are new bies the way everything carried over here is on point. So sad the rating was so low. Sigh yall are funny tho. Brdo u see david so bong mr ji how much they express different forms of love to nam shin iii. Finally only a week is left till this drama airs No one knows how much Ive anticipated this dramas release The drama has been in production for snsd yoona dating allkpop two years.

His Mom moved abroad and built a robot exactly like him to console herself. No need to be emotional abt a robot and human ending together. Theyve put so much effort in this. The robot should detect whats is the plan of Jong Gil and will tell to real Nam Sin and they will fight together with this idiot Jong Gil. He is almost perfectbrkimchi Nov pm can we pls dismiss go ara in this she already rejected its obvious that gong seung yeon is betterbrJoira Nov pm When is this drama coming out Any trailers yetbrJezza Jacob Jul am not to forget this is a scfi if writernim wants to make happy ending then roboshin should ended up with kang i have stopped watching other drama but AYHT is the one that makes me hungry for more ep without this drama is still speed dating northern ky airing on the scale of small screen standard this is a believable scfi drama good cinematography great casts lots of plot twists and unexpected scenes great story am sorry to say but i think koreans dont like scifi thumbs up for all casts writernim pdnim and KBS.

I did not remove my eyes from watching this. INAR was lucky that this got postponed due to simultaneous broadcasting w China and they got all the credit for being the trendsetter for robot dramas well it was in fact AYHT who attracted other networks to do the trend including INAR itself because of the prod cost.

I really love all the characters and the cast is absolutely gorgeous Even though I know a bunch of people didnt like Kang So Bong I honestly love her. Sol Jan pm youngjae wow really daebak everyone work hard this will be best drama of brGive Seo Kang Joon Oscar for his performance here.


They deserve all the love and support from fans if only some people arent that salty about them getting lead roles. Katrina Jul am Its funny how good dramas like this and moon lovers with unique plot gets so less rating while robert dating dancing with the stars partner cliche dramas everyone knows what drama Im referring to gets more. It was very much about unconditional love and acceptance by society of what is normal. Emzkie Mo To May pm Another Robot themed t wait to watch this hope this drama will air here in the PhilippinesbrKdrama fan Oct pm Fighting much lovebrno other words for this drama just one word.

This is not the first time I watch dual performance drama but no one can beat Seo Kang Joon. Imagine someone identical to you more capable and always getting compared to. The two eventual things that Im anticipating would Dating sites in your 20s be when the villains find out and when the human Nam Shin wakes up.

I had some reservations because I am not a robot was outrageously bad but this one got me hooked just like Money Flower did. I love also the secretary. Both human shin and shin III just live there on seperate life in the end. It is always the female lead. This is dating email addresses purely based from an original concept from the writers snsd yoona dating allkpop idea.