Having fun with online dating

And so I would turn to my friends for advice -- to call or not to call, to share my feelings or to play it cool, etc. And what I found is that everyone has something different to say.

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One friend says do this, another friend says do that -- yet nothing seemed to align with how I was really feeling. One day, after about four dates with a guy, I felt like things were going well and assumed they were moving forward.

The Non-Rule, 'Rules' of Dating

I thought it was a great time to tell him how I felt and see what happened, but my friend literally removed my phone from my hands warning me that I would "ruin" any potential I had with him by being too honest. I listened to her and never shared how I felt and the guy ended up telling me that he wanted to date someone who was a little more honest and forward with her feelings.

And just like that, I was back at square one. I recently relocated to the East Coast, and about two weeks into my time here, I decided to start dating again.

Having fun with online dating 02-08-2018

I signed up with a popular online dating site, thinking it couldn't hurt to try again, and assuming that men on the East Coast would at least offer a different outcome than I had been experiencing with men in Los Angeles. And to be astonishment, things have been completely different this time around.

Though I can't say that I have cracked the code, or now have endless answers to dating questions, I did learn something about myself that seemed to translate to my dating experience. I decided this time that I was going to go into dating with the intention of having FUN.

I'd gotten to a point months ago where dating felt like a grueling chore, and I can't say I ever really had fun while I was dating.

Having fun with online dating | Healthy Relationship Talk Radio Podcasts

So this time, I made it clear as day on my profile that I wanted to have fun. I realize now that without fun, there really isn't anything. In my opinion, fun is a great place for two people who don't know each other at all to begin -- because let's be honest -- if I am not having fun, I am likely not going to want to see someone again.

And on the flip side, I imagine that if a man isn't having fun with a woman, it's a mutual feeling. In the past, I had a negative image of having fun while dating. I thought that if I told men I wanted to have fun that they wouldn't take me seriously or see me as the mature and dynamic woman I am.

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I assumed they would see or hear the word "fun" and think I was shallow, or not looking for a relationship with substance, or anything deep or meaningful. But what I have found is just the opposite. Does it now all feel like a little bit of a chore? At Hey Saturday we know how to put the fun back into online dating.

Don’t date until you are ready to date

Whatever the reason — maybe there was no chemistry, maybe you spilled soup all down their suit — it can drag down your self esteem, leaving you feeling a bit, well…pants. The key is how you respond to them. An excellent way to remind yourself how gorgeous, attractive and hip you are is to update your dating profile photos.

Work consciously and intentionally on your profile

Suddenly, it all becomes a bit more fun again. If you are using a site like benaughty to meet new people to date, make sure that you choose a safe place to meet someone for the first time. Remember that they are still strangers up until the time you meet them and you cannot trust someone you have only spoken to in a few messages online. As well as choosing a safe place to meet, make sure you tell a few people that you are going on a date.

Tell them who it is with, where it is and from what time. Another way to ensure safety is to consider giving day dating a try.

Dates usually take place in the evening but a day date can be just as fun and sometimes even much safer. You can visit multiple public places on your date and have fun whilst still ensuring you are safe at all times. Their job, their likes in life, things that you can easily verify are true with the few clicks of a button. You can tell a lot about someone from their language.