Dating an indian man

He married her. They have two kids today.

10 reasons Why you should date an Indian guy.

There is also the case where some Indian guys will date American women, or non-Indians, and over time they realize that they really do want to marry someone from their own background. Get to know the family.

Get to know what their expectations and values are. You will get a sense of it. That could go either way.

You have to make a decision for yourself. Tell Us :. Dating an Indian man has its battles. Due to the extensive emphasis on academics and the arts, and their inherent penchant for hard work, Indians are some of the most intelligent people on the planet think prolific figures like Sundar Pichai, Salman Rushdie, Amartya Sen, CV Raman and Kal Penn. That said, if you do end up with an Indian man, you can rest assured that your kids will be spearheading research teams at MIT, leading multinational companies, unravelling the secrets of the universe, and generally running the world about thirty years from today!

Want to wax some poetry about your own people? Thank you so much!!

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I have been waiting for this post so long… my bf is Indian. His mom calls him everyday and there was no way he could spend a day without talking to her. They mostly talk about food beta, have you eaten enough? On the other hand, I really admire his mother, and she seems to like me too therefore we are getting married at the end of this year.

Personally, I think this mother sounds like a relationship Fairy Godmother — God known men need a little pressure! I enjoyed reading the piece and have my insights on what Urban Indians men and women are looking for — yes they seek commitment but marriage should not be the only form of committed relationship…. Your email address will not be published.

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The first step is the hardest. They are extremely generous.

Dining Etiquette

Kids that are born mixed of half Indian and half white genes will never need to get a tan: — Think about all the money you spend at the tanning salon trying to get your pasty white skin to get that perfect tan shade color. You can thank this article when you get your groove on with an Indian guy. As humans, we seek out genes outside of our conscious mind that are varied from our own genes to decrease the odds of genetic anomalies in our offspring which is why we have a very high probability of not being attracted to our own siblings. If we look outside our own race, we see that interracial mating actually diversifies the genes of our offspring more greatly than staying within our own race.

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Your kids will be born incredibly smart: — Somewhere hidden away in the far corners of the office floors of giant firms like Google, Twitter, Verizon, Samsung, Dell, and Macintosh…are a bunch of Indians huddled around computers and they quietly do their work as Software Engineers, Computer Programmers, Network Administrators, Quality Assurance testers, and Systems Analysts. Next thing you know, you got a bunch of Indians coming to America in the s and s that have hairy chests and the white women go nuts, realize that the blend of white genes with brown genes will result in the perfect amount of body hair for their offsprings.

Your racism toward Indian people and other ethnicities are not your own.