Dating a man who hates his job

Then I started dating a man who pulled the bait-and-switch on me a few months into our relationship. When we met, our schedules were aligned.

Our formerly perfectly synched schedules were suddenly horribly divergent. He worked nights and weekends, which eliminated our prime dating time.

I grew to despise his job, which drove a wedge between us. Although we had other significant issues, I blamed his job for taking them over the edge. I hated that I never saw him, and I resented that fact that he spent more time with his invasive co-workers than he did with me. The onus is yours to decide whether or not you can handle the circumstances. Or you could hang in there to see if things change. You know your breaking point better than anyone. That' what High Speed Universities is all about, to further the education of students.

They need more than a high school degree today, they need at least 2 years of college, preferrably 4, and then we're going to work with communities so they can grow economically and create more jobs for our young people.

Meet our bloggers, post comments, or pitch your blog idea. By Six Brown Chicks , January 11, at 3: Is it a temporary situation? Is his current position a means to an end, or is this the way things will be for the foreseeable future? If his job remained the same for the next 10 years, would it be a deal-breaker? Are you willing to be the bread-winner if necessary? It's hard being treated like a dog all day and then come home and get no much-needed support.

It only feeds my anger. So try to listen to him and reinforce his sense of self worth. Give him something to look forward to coming home to. Originally Posted by 11thHour. OP, all you can do is just listen. Make an occasional sympathetic noise. You can't fix it, so the best you can do is to let him vent to someone who supports him and won't betray his confidence.

If he starts taking it out on you, you need to catch him in a better mood, maybe on a weekend, and let him know that you will stand by him, but that it is not OK to work out his frustrations by being mean to you.

1. What can you say?

Don't do it when he is in a bad mood, or it will start an ugly fight. If, by any chance, you are not working yourself, make sure he has a top quality meal when he gets home. Men like good food and that will give him something bright in his otherwise gloomy day. Of course, I was never trapped for more than 9 months. I know what is not healthy for me and my kids. I'm not willing to sacrifice my mental health for a paycheck.

We've had tough transitions as a result, but all has worked out in the end. My ex husband was also miserable at work. He worked long days and traveled a lot and was never happy. So I left him. He insisted that I would miss his financial support. Fast forward, 10 years later, he is still miserable in the same job, and whining to me about how trapped he feels.

Don't know what his wife thinks about it. Originally Posted by Liberty He spends way too much time on Facebook chatting people up.

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Emotions in any relationship are extremely important, but when it comes to this relationship, the emotions are always extremely intense. On those other days, you two argue like crazy, yell, scream, and let out extreme aggression. When you two argue with each other, you really argue. But just a couple of hours later, you two are hugging, kissing, and loving all over each other. This cycle of fighting and making up continues over and over.

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  • When Your Husband Hates His Job.
  • You value the relationship, even though there are certain parts of this man that you absolutely cannot stand. You love the not-so-important things about him, like his money or how he is able to take you out to dinner every Friday.

    How to Be a Good Girlfriend When My Boyfriend Hates His Job | Our Everyday Life

    Before deciding where to go from here, talk to your man and get an idea of how he feels. Does he find himself suffering from an emotional dichotomy as well? This will more than likely determine whether or not the relationship is worth fixing or not. After determining the true feelings that exist between the two of you, now is the time to sit down and talk things through. Is there anything you can change on your end?

    You absolutely love certain parts of him