Sagittarius woman dating gemini man

They can keep each other occupied everyday without much effort and that forms a bond strong that allows them to live a happy and peaceful life together. While they are both passionate about each other, they also fall victim to entrapment.

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They both smother each other with love but at a certain time, both the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman are hit with the realization that they are in a cage. They will then both struggle to get out and crave some alone time. They both love to socialize and enjoy their freedom to do so. Since they are so good with words, each individual holds the power to jeopardize the relationship solely on their ability to inflict pain verbally.

If they tone this characteristic down, they can live a squabble free life together. Like every relationship needs nurturing, care and passion, this relationship will also need its fair share of romance to keep it going. His good side make up for the other personalities. So in the begginning all I can say is WOW! I ahve only been seeing my Gemini for about a month now, and already I feel like I walked into a Tornado! I wasn't even really interested in him at first, I somewhat thought he was rather annoying! Although I have no regrets I mst say I'm not use to a guy not always calling always texting or always being around me, but I guess Sag's really don't like that anyway we tend to walk all over clingy people!

I met his family on date My Gemini is 11 yrs older than me and has been married and divorced! He went from asking when am I gonna see you again to being in his lil bubble, to telling me that he doesn't see any change and that he still likes me and when or if he doesn't he will let me kn ow!

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

Sag's question everything we cannot stand to not know if someone is like head over heels for us, and Gemini is not gonna give you that all the time, it will be fleeting moments,and come as a surpeise to ou, ou don't know wether they are coming or going but when they are away you miss them like crazy, He said I love you and I never said anything back, he talked about marriage and children and I just went along with what he was saying.

He always says time means nothing and when you know you know, he cllaims that he doenst need to be dating someone for 1 yr or beyond to know if he wants to spend the rest of his life with them. He does say he wants to be married again and have 2 more children. I tryed to give him a taste of is own medicine I ignored all his texts for a full day boy was that a task! I wanated to see how he really felt so shockingly he ended up texting me with concern, but I didn't give in I didn't text him until te next day and he wasn;t to happy lol I'm seeing that you have to let Gemini be how tey r noting not even us are going to change tem, do not question how weird they are or be insecure which I'm not.

They love in a very weird way. Cuz us Sag's can relate we understand them more then we think we are adventurous people as well and to afraid to just settle for anything, so I see it like this let your Gemini be free as a bird, and you keep busy and grounded and consistent, trust me they will comeback to their home. I even started a diar I have never written about an guy I have dated before until this one, not even my Aries wo I had a nervous break down over.

My Gemini though he gives me butterflies, and a bad taste in my mouth lol. Does it sound like I love Him? I think I do, but alread? I told him I don't want to like him I am sag dating a Gemini guy for about 6 months. He has told me that he can't figure me out and I feel the same way about him but, never told him that.

He travels all the time so, we see each ones a week or 3 times a month. No issues with that as I love my freedom as well. He is very moody, one day he will make you feel like you are a queen and next day you are nothing. He does criticize about me being lazy in bed not true as we all sag knows how sexual we are. But, he is the lazy one who can never keep up with my energy level. He did tell me that he can date anybody he wants to but dating me for various strong reasons to make it seem like he is doing me a FAVOR!

I agree it is like a roller coaster and ride is definitely not smooth all the time. He said that I am the only girl he is seeing. Should I believe it? I am a Sag December 10, guy Gemini May 24th,right now we are just kicking it, sex is great, he is a really great guy, I can tell he likes to be in control but so does I, always attentive to me though, always text me back, sexual chemistry is off the chain,he seems to be really into me, just playing it by ear don't know where it will end up, but we shall see.

I'm a sag Dec13 and my ex is a Gemini May31 and like most the beginning was great.

He couldn't get enough of me. We were married 4 years after we started to date, then I had our son. I thought everything was great. Well I guess it wasn't since he left us to "be alone for awhile" which is malarkey since he is now dating and has a girlfriend. He was a liar and very self important.


Spent all a bunch of time convincing me that he wasn't like anyone in his family. Pretty sure he was cheating on me before he broke it off. He was always WAY too friendly with other females which I never liked. Sex was pretty good though never as frequent as I would have liked it. I'm with a Gemini guy, and I'm a Sagittarius girl. I'm also in a Long Distance Relationship, and have been for slightly less than a year.

I've experienced some of the flirtatiousness from my guy, but I've asked him to tone it down, and he now only has "eyes" for me per say.

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He has quite a humor about him, is very whimsical and makes me laugh a lot! He's not one to open up very quickly to anyone, and doesn't like to let his emotions come through, so I have to dig a little deeper to get him there. I know, though, that whenever we see each other that things will be perfect with him as they always are and I feel safe and comfortable in his presence always.

Gemini's are great catches, I love mine to death! I am a sagi woman dec 21 and my Gemini man is june 2 a very bad and a sad experience very hard to study them at first when I met he was very lovong Romantic after marriage it was a disaster I still live with him having four children just running out of responsibilities no care for the family members only love friends this is not a real match for the sagis wake up sagi women these are cheats and will leave you home alone and roam around the world cheaters born cheaters not meant for a honst sagi its been 26 years I have spent just ignoring him but they are jealous and want attention so it makes things move till date I am unable to catch any other affairs or either does he say so so I believie I am the only one and so have continued living.

I'm a Gemini and I met this amazing Sagittarius women about four months ago. We don't get to see each other a lot because she travels often..

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  • I'm recently divorced and am not ready for a serious relationship Neither is she.. We text mostly and sometimes talk on the phone.. When we're together we talk for hours. She has expressed she is skeptical of men and their intentions Though I date other women.. My mind is on her.. I'm willing to wait and keep her till we're both ready.. If she will have me Do you Sagittarius women like to hear when your Gemini man is thinking about you via tex or call? Eventhough we both like our space and are not possessive or jealous..

    Do you like to know that your Gemini man looks forward to seeing you? Does texting everyday turn you off? I don't want to push her away.. I love my Gemini Man June 10th. Im a Sag November 28th. He truly pursued me and swept me off my feet like no other! Our first date was a last minute literally running through the airport to catch the last flight 5 day trip to Miami in a luxerious suite on the beach with many gifts to follow.

    After having known him for 2 days It has been 9 months, and what startd as a friendship with sexual passion where we were brutally honest with each other has evolved into a partnership and deep love where he finially feels he can trust someone and recieve unconditional love. When I bring an offense to his attention he is quick to apologize and adjust whatever the issue is.

    Yes, he looks at other woman but not in a disrespectful way so it doesn't bother me, it almost as if he wants to show me off and say see I have the best toy or fastest car. YES he is moooooooody! His bad moods don't last long as I have learned to cheer him. Yes he is a little possesive, but that's only because he is in love and cares!

    Yes he is crazy, but so am I I am loyal, understanding and love to travel He is caring, generous and loves to travel I will say this, I had to learn how to interact and communicate with him by studying his sign and him because I am a spoiled Sag that can be a bit much, so to meet the mean Twin the first time it was almost the last Study your Gemini, keep them guessing change hair styles and nail color often, take care of your appearence gym,facials, always wear heels they are soooooo detail oriented qnd particular, which is why they are always looking at women its not always sexual.

    I am a sag married to a gemini.

    Gemini Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

    I've been seeing a guy Gemini for like 2 months, he hasn't even set eyes on another girl and I doubt he would as I'm way more then enough for him. If the sex and love is good there's absolutely no reason for the guy to cheat. You can't base what horoscope you and a person are on your whole entire relationship! He's not possesive doesn't lie to me, nor does he attempt to flirt with other girls.

    He's solely interested in the person I am and vice versa. Were great together on so many levels. He wouldn't take he's mood swings out on me niether cause he cares to much and as we were friends for such a long time before hed know he would feel the wrath of my fury. I've never met someone quite like him. I do believe he is the one for me. Maybe there is bits of truth in some of this. But you can't blame what ever horoscope you and this guy is for all your relationship problems.